Free spins in keluaran china machines

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Some keluaran china (especially modern multilinear video-slots) have an interesting bonus game – free spins bonus. Free spins are such spins of the reels of video-slots in with which the player does not need to do any rates. More often free spins get started after display on the screen of a slot machine of the certain symbols located any way or in a certain order.

Three and more symbols of disorder can make an active prize-winning game. For example, in slot machine Alien Hunter three and more symbols of a rocket start 5, 10 or 25 free spins depending on quantity of symbols of disorder on the screen. The arrangement of symbols in this case does not play any role; the main thing is that on the screen there are three, four or five symbols of disorder.

In some video slots there is a certain symbol (distinct from a disorder symbol) which combination starts free spins. Some variants here can be: symbols can settle down in a random way on the slot machine screen, and in some of them the arrangement of symbols on the screen has defining function – they should settle down successively on one active line.

If free spins are started by symbols of disorder or certain symbols on one active line, i.e. game is started right after display of the corresponding symbols, multiplication factor in such slot machines is usually fixed. In the table of payments it is always registered, which coefficient will multiply the prize, won during the free spins.

Free spins can be a part also of the bonus game started on an additional game field. If in these slot machines the quantity of free spins was defined by quantity of symbols of disorder on the screen of the monitor or quantity of special symbols on one active line in some video-slots there are bonus games where you define quantity of free spins and multiplication factor.

In bonus games of such type on a choice some subjects at first are given to the player, behind each of which the certain quantity of free spins is covered. After definition of quantity of spins the player is offered again to choose one of subjects behind which the size of factor of multiplication will disappear this time. Here, more than ever, by the way, there will be a good luck thanks to which you can get a significant number of free spins. And certainly there is no pleasure limit when during free spins the combination of symbols starting the next series of free spins drops out, and such can be not once. Slot machines with free spins are of great recognition, as the prize in such video-slots at successful coincidence of circumstances can exceed considerably size of the prizes received in bonus games of any other type.


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