toto bet hk Players to Watch: The Great Bracelet Race

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Every poker player making their way to Las Vegas for the World Series of toto bet hk this summer has one dream in mind: win a bracelet. Getting one – just one – is a special accomplishment and most players will remind you of it at every opportunity. But as the BLUFF 2015 WSOP Countdown continues we take a look at a special group of players that have already enjoyed the thrill of winning a bracelet multiple times and now hope to add more to their collection in what we’re calling The Great Bracelet Race.

His name has been alone atop the all-time WSOP bracelet leaderboard for quite some time, and Phil Hellmuth has been hell bent on adding to that total every chance he gets.

The biggest misconception about Hellmuth is that he’s not as adept at non-Hold’em games. In fact, 39 of his 108 cashes have come in other games. Sure, 12 of his 13 bracelets are in Hold’em (the other is in Razz) but he’s cashed eight times in Pot Limit Omaha tournaments, eight times in Omaha Hi-Lo tournaments and four times in No Limit Deuce to Seven.

Bracelet wins isn’t the only WSOP record he holds. He’s cashed in 108 WSOP events – which is 20 ahead of the next closest competitor, Erik Seidel – and he also has the record for most final tables with 52. He also has a remarkable 10 runner-up finishes.

“It’s great, he’s a really smart kid,” said McKeehen. “It’s funny, because we’ve never really talked super-extensively [about hands], but every time I’ve talked with him he’s said ‘Good play, you’re playing great – keep it up’. That’s really helpful, and encouraging.”

Despite drawing Negreanu and a few of the big stacks, alongside longtime online grinder Justin Schwartz, McKeehen is distinctly focused upon the task at hand and is not even worrying himself with what’s going on currently on the other side of the room.

“I’m not going to lie, I don’t even remember everybody who’s over at the other table,” said McKeehen. “I’m going to assume both tables are very tough at this point. All the tables at this point in the tournament are tough.”

McKeehen gives all 14 other players who are still in the running for the November Nine with him a world of credit, whether they’re bracelet winners like Max Steinberg or rank amateurs. “There are no real fish left in the tournament, everybody got here for a reason,” said McKeehen. “Even if they might not be a very good player, they’re doing something right to make them go deep in tournaments. If other people can’t figure out what that is, they have real shots.”


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